How To Remove Email Address From Facebook

Your browser’s Auto Fill feature mechanically saves all email addresses that square measure entered within the Email or Phone field of the Facebook Login page. to get rid of your address from the website’s Login field  contact our facebook support, we will help you to erase your browser’s saved kind knowledge through the History section of its Settings menu. to forestall automatic access to your Facebook account whenever you visit the web site, clear the choice to remain logged in from the Facebook Login page. For more information you can contact facebook support here, here you will get lots of information and queries about facebook.

  • Facebook supports automatic sign on.
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  • Facebook Login Page
  • Sign out of your Facebook account.
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  • Log in to your Facebook account and click on the down arrow at the top of the menu bar to show a menu. choose sign off to exit your account.


Remove your email address.


Click within the Email or Phone field so press the Down arrow key on your keyboard to show all of your saved email addresses. Hover your indicator over the e-mail address you employ to access your Facebook account so press Delete. This action removes your email address from the Login field till you enter it once more.

De-select Keep Pine Tree State Logged In.


  • Clear the Keep Pine Tree State Logged under control box so shut all open windows to quit the browsing session.
  • Open the net choices window.
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  • Click the Tools button so choose web choices from the menu to open the net choices dialog window.

Click Delete.

Click the final tab so click the Delete button beneath Browsing History to open the Delete Browsing History box. To mechanically delete your browsing history once you complete a browsing session, choose the Delete Browsing History on Exit check box.

Remove the shape knowledge.

Select {the kind|the shape} knowledge check box so click the Delete button to delete the browser’s saved Facebook form data.


  • Select History.
  • Click the Open Menu button so choose History from the list of things on the menu to open the History sidebar.
  • Choose the Clear Recent History choice.
  • Select Clear Recent History within the History section to open the Clear Recent History box.
  • Clear the shape entries.
  • Select the Time vary to Clear drop-down box and choose the choice that equals the time vary you would like to clear, like these days. choose the shape and Search History checkbox so click the Clear currently button.


The Chrome Menu displays a drop-down list of things.

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Click the customise and management Google Chrome Menu button and choose History to open the History page.

  • Select the Clear Browsing knowledge choice.
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  • Click the Clear Browsing knowledge button to open the Clear Browsing knowledge window.

Click Clear Browsing knowledge.

Click the Obliterate the subsequent things From drop-down box so choose the timeframe you would like the browser to clear, like The Last Four Weeks. choose the AutoFill kind knowledge check box so click the Clear Browsing knowledge button.

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