Renovating your house? Read this before you start!

A renovation is never an easy job! With so many ideas racing through your head, it can often get very confusing. After picking a design, how do you choose the contractor that will best serve your requirements?

Here a little guide that will help you in renovating your house!

Interior Renovation

Kitchen Renovation

When it comes to renovating a kitchen, there are various design choices that homeowners have. You can stick with classic designs or choose a more modern, sleek and a minimalist look. Lighter color for cabinets and countertops are trending these days. Lighter colors tend to make your kitchen area appear larger and brighter

Bathroom Renovation

In the overall look of your bathroom, bathroom renovation follows the same principle as the kitchen. However, some aspects such as mirrors vary. Therefore, the size of the mirror depends on a few factors: the size of the bathroom and natural lighting. Mirrors tend to disperse natural lighting and in the case of interior renovation, natural lighting plays a major role in enhancing space. Therefore, choose the style and size of the mirror that best caters to this.

Bedroom Renovation

Different styles cater to different people. Lighter colors tend to make your space look bigger. Therefore, you can never go wrong with choosing it. However, this does not mean that darker colors are out! Darker colors can add a rich look to your interior but remember that they will darken the room. In case, your bedroom already has good natural lighting, then go for darker colors. Otherwise, stick to neutrals.

Basement Renovation in Ottawa

Recent trends in basement renovation in ottawa include making the area an extension of your house. Homeowners are moving away from the idea of making your basement a place for storage for items or only for the kids.

There is so much that homeowners can do with their basement. It all depends on the homeowner: what activities they like or would like to pursue. Here a few ideas for your own basement:

  • Home theater for the movie buff
  • Gym for the fitness freak
  • Guest suite for the hospitable host
  • Open basements for luxury

Open basements are those that are not completely submerged underground. If your home has one, use it to your advantage. Natural lighting and access from the outside make an open basement a preference for many!

Exterior House Renovation in Ottawa

There a few renovation ideas that you can implement in the exterior parts of your house. Here are a few:


Decks are perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors. You can take in the surroundings while having a cup of tea and enjoying your book. Raised decks that are approached from stairs provide privacy while relaxing and hence, are a good choice for such people.


Backyards are built for different purposes. If you want a vegetable garden, you can have one built in your backyard that supplies organic vegetables. If this is not what you want, you can have your backyard built as a relaxation spot. Outdoor seating arrangements can make the backyard a nice gathering place for family and friends. If you are planning to make your backyard more exquisite, you can add a small fountain with fish in your backyard.

Furthermore, you can include patches of grass along with walkways. The choices are endless!

Therefore, define the purpose of your backyard. What is it that you want to achieve with the space in question? The choices will only seem relevant then!

Choosing a contractor

When it comes to choosing a contractor, you need a few things: quotation on the cost of services, customer review and testimonials. Get these from the shortlisted contractors. Remember that when it comes to quality work, it may not be the cheapest option. Your house is your sanctuary. Therefore, when renovating your house or Exterior House Renovation in Ottawa, you should look for quality services!

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