Right from The Start till Finish on Fly Screens

Preferably known as advanced windows screen, fly screens are designed for covering the opening of the window. It is primarily made out of fiberglass, metal wire or other types of synthetic fiber. It is further stretched and stick to the window frames for a durable result. The main aim of these screens is to prevent flies, birds, dust, and debris from entering your place.

 Fly Screens

The holes of these mesh wires are too small and not likely visible with naked eyes. It might prevent all the unwanted objects from entering your place, but will not prevent fresh air from blowing and keeping the interior cool and breezy. It is a perfect addition nowadays, if you want to take complete care of your place and maintain its hygiene. These screens can also protect your property from intruders and it can be treated as safety measurement also.

Materials used for manufacturing:

Do you want to know more about the materials used for manufacturing fly screens? It is important to know the same especially if this is your first time to purchase one.

  • Fiberglass is the standard one: The basic one as seen around the market has to be fiberglass. It is easy to install and economically friendly. These screens do not dent, crease or even unravel, making it a perfect choice for daily use. These are used for door and window screening and can further be used while replacing the old screens with new one. It is suggested to take the measurement of your window and doors before install the fly screens and you can also take professional’s help in this regards.
  • Pool and porch insect screen: This is a heavy duty form of screen, made out of fiberglass mesh. It is designed for proper use in patio, pool, sun room and porch. It comprises of increased diameter and suitable for larger openings. The most requested color of the lot has to be charcoal black, which can magically work with any kind of setting well.
  • Aluminum one: If you want a product, which is durable, strong and prevents insects from entering the place then aluminum fly screens are the perfect options for you. It comprises of a protective finish, which easily prevents corrosion at its best.

 Fly Screens

Ways to replace the old one:

After working for ages, sometimes, you have to replace the old window mess with new one. With passing time, the mess will come up with holes and dirt everywhere. So, it is always a good idea to clean the mesh and get it changed completely with a new product. You always don’t have to call experts for that. Simple DIY steps with the right tools can present you with great result.

  • After you have chosen the material type for your screen, you have to cut the material as per the window’s size. For that, measure the window beforehand.
  • Use utility knife for removing the old mess from the window frame. It is suggested to wear some gloved during this process because the rusted screens can injure your hand.
  • Later, just lay the new screen across frame and replace the spline too.
  • After you have to press spline into frame and remove the excess from the sides of the frame. Then you need to fix the screen with some screws and it is better to hire some professionals for installation and they can easily install the same within few times.

The best thing is that using this tool and mesh is not going to cost you much. Even if you have tight budget plans, you can still get the old one replaced with new mesh wire. Now you do not need to buy these tools and you can hire some trained professionals for the installation of these fly screens.

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