How to save money while registering a company in Dubai?

Company formation in Dubai can be an aspiring, especially when you agree to invest your valuable time, energy and most importantly your hard-earned money. However, with aspiration, excitement and the scope of venturing into the global markets, there are also several challenges involved in the process of company formation in Dubai.

The process of company registration in Dubai is authorized by the Department of Economic Development in case of Dubai Mainland. On the other hand, company registration in Dubai’s freezones or offshores have their own individual authorities. All the governmental bodies and the administrative authorities offer easy and cost-effective measures. However, misunderstanding random information or mistakes in documentation could waste time and may lead to a costly affair.

So, how do you save money while registering a company in Dubai?

While registering a business in Dubai, there are several decisions that are associated monetarily. Businessmen can save money by making conscious decisions and take aware steps during the process of company registration in Dubai.

Here are some of the mindful decisions that entrepreneurs and businessmen need to make.

  • Consider the type or category of business as well as the shareholding structure of the company e.g. In Dubai to establish a mainland business setup, it is compulsory to have a UAE national business partner, who would minimum own 51% of the shares in the company. In such a case deciding your local partner, getting 100% operational ownership and the complete paper to the power of attorney can be difficult. To save money as well as safeguard yourself financially – go for a corporate sponsorship in UAE. In a corporate sponsorship in UAE the compromising terms within the collaboration works out more in your favour.
  • Before registering company in UAE – decisions such as to recognize the fiscal policies, revenue structure, exchange rates, licenses, and approvals required are crucial. Every business activity is different and may have added variables involved, speak to an expert for free here or simply request a call back.
  • Business activity and the suitability of the activity under the UAE commercial law in Dubai, e.g. Some business activities that are legit in other countries may not be legal in UAE. If you initiate the entire process and then realise that you will not be able to register the company in Dubai, it can cost you severely.

Dubai offers a welcoming business environment that appeals lot of foreign investment each year. As a foreign national or an expat in Dubai, the procedures and laws of any new country could be overwhelming. Also, foreign investors find it difficult to adapt to the change in commercial systems at an initial phase. All of this may lead to mishappenings and delay in the procedural matters.

Hence, speak to a company formation consultant for Free and save your valuable time and money:

The advisable way to save your money on your company registration in Dubai is to determine the most cost-effective way.

Rather than randomly spending on an approvals or licenses, it is advisable to approach a company formation consultant in Dubai. A company formation consultant in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE understands the complete process of company formation.

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