Skin Cancer: Know the symptoms

There are many who may have developed skin cancer. Knowing its symptoms can help them to identify the disease at a much earlier stage, so as to consult the physician and to get immediate treatment. Early recognition can help the person to eliminate this ailment and to lead a happy and satisfied, disease-free life.


There are several types of symptoms found with skin cancer. It is regarded to be among the most dangerous and commonly affecting cancers. Since majority of the cancer affected people of both the genders across the globe have contracted this specific type of cancer, it becomes all the more important for every person to stay alert and know the symptoms related to it. This will help them to take care of the problem and prevent it from further spreading to the other parts of the body.

Early stages

There are several distinct symptoms associated with its early stage, thus helping the person to recognize it. Special attention is to be paid to the following:

  • Moles present on the body are to be paid special attention. If any changes occur on the skin marks and moles, then it is to be noted down and the physician consulted without any delay. It can be changes affecting the overall size, relating to color and with shape.
  • Guidelines can be used to determine if cause of concern is present when moles are concerned. This is termed to be the ‘ABCD’ model, which stands for ‘Asymmetry’, ‘Borders’, ‘Color’ & ‘Diameter’. In case any changes are witnessed in the moles including other skin markings, which in turn affects any part of ABCD model, then immediate medical care is to be sought.
  • Special attention is to be paid to the mole’s overall elevation or height. It holds true, if the same mark present on the skin is found to be flat in similar such previous incidents.
  • Changes could take place with regards to the mole’s actual surface. This can probably be an indication of setting of skin cancer. In case, mole is found to have crust like substance, bleeds, has breakages, or probably releases some clear substance, then it is definitely a concerning matter.
  • There are many who are likely to find that the area surrounding their skin mole starts to feel that burning sensation. Tingling may also be felt and they could probably be tempted to scratch the region due to itching feeling. If any such symptoms are experienced, then it becomes essential to consult the physician to check thoroughly the issue and to determine if it is skin cancer or something else.

When skin cancer is concerned, it becomes crucial to identify the moles and pay special attention to it along with other markings present on the skin. It is equally crucial to consider the regions surrounding the marks. It will be necessary to check out for tenderness and redness. With regards to coloring, one has to be double careful, if changes are noticed.

Skin Cancer treatment cost in India is quite low, thus allowing patients to get proper and timely treatment.

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