Some Of The Best Pizza Dishes In Mumbai At Reasonable Price

Most of us love pizza very much. It is an Italian dish which is now very famous in India. From little kids to elders everyone enjoys eating pizzas. Pizza is very lip-smacking dish. Youngsters’ one of the preferred dish. The pizzas are made with some delicious crust, tomato sauce and salty mozzarella cheese which bring water in your mouth for sure. The presentation will definitely catch your attention towards it.

If you are too choose about your foods and do not like all these type of foods, then I will suggest you to taste at least once a time, you will love it. The taste of pizza dishes will compel to eat you again. Consuming pizzas every day is not good for your health. Few pizzas are healthy to eat but most of time it is not a healthy dish. You can eat one part of pizza instead of eating the whole pizza.

How To Make Pizzas?

Pizzas can be made in the house or you can order it from online or go the restaurants to eat the dish. Homemade pizza side dishes are healthier than in the shops. If you have all the ingredients in your house then you will make it in your home. There are three very simple ways to make pizzas in the house. The requirements you need to have for cooking this dish are wheat dust, salt, soybean oil, yeast, sugar, and water to make the dough, then for the stuffing mozzarella cheese, sugarcane fiber, salt, pasteurized milk, cultures and enzymes. After that pan sauce, pizza sauce, thin crust.

Step 1:  first you to make soft dough adding all the ingredients, take a bowl the fix the elements into it and pour water in the mixture and leave it for overnight to raise the dough slowly in the night.

Step 2:  after that you have to give a round shape to the dough and have to give all the stuffing things on the dough. Keep the soft dough on a parchment paper and cuts then into pieces at least, into 8 to 10 slices.

Step 3:  adding all the sauces on the pizza you need to bake it for minimum 1 or 2 hour with high flame.

Famous Pizza Dishes In Mumbai

We can found the top pizza dishes. Many of the restaurants in Mumbai sell pizza with minimum of money. And the taste is also very delightful. Best pizza dishes are:

1. Chicken Cone Pizza:

At the pizza box restaurant, you will have this pizza dish which is made from fresh dough and they will give you the option to choose the topping and cheese oozing. This pizza dish is very low in amount just at RS 50 each.

2. Cookie Pizza:

The playlist pizzeria makes the amazing pizzas. A pizza shaped cookie chocolate chips at the top of it and you will have the taste of vanilla ice cream scoop within it. It is available for Rupees 200 only.

3. Dhoklizza:

In desiklub, in this recipe the chef adds the Mumbai style in it. One can eat this type of pizza in the breakfast or in the dinner. The sum of this is pizza is RS 170.

4. Pinky Kurkure Pizza:

At ultra-pizza restaurant, just at 150 rupees these types of pizzas serve to the people and very good in taste and you will enjoy it very much and best pizza dishes in Mumbai.

5. Naanza:

At the restaurant central kitchen, they made the pizzas in the style of naan it is their specialty of their own. Just at 195 one can get this pizza.

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