Some Scientific Explanations For Strange Behaviours

Strange behaviors of a man

We have been guilty of indulging in some of the weirdest habits. Sometimes we even go so far as to take pride in doing weird things. It is needless to say that most of the time we are content to go along except when we attempt to contemplate the reasons for our irrational behaviour. Let’s make an enquiry into our mysterious behaviours.

Refusal To Change The Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper in bathroom

Changing toilet papers is certainly not the most laborious task you can carry out; still you are often either too lazy or inconsistent in doing it. Many consider toilet paper changing chore an unenviable task and ignore it. Now the studies have confirmed that the practice is disregarded by people not because of the type stigma attached to it but because of it being a primarily unrewarding task. While, we are quite fastidious about doing chores like doing dishes and getting rid of trash, we are only doing them to keep things clean.

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Penchant For Biting Cute Things

Biting the nails

If you have ever been around babies, there is high probability that you have seen many people who act all frivolously and express their desire for biting babies. Since we consider this a common act of innocuousness, we would rather not read too much into it. Scientists have investigated the phenomenon and established the cause of such behaviour among humans. One of the theories that received currency suggests that being in proximity to new born babies stimulate our dopamine causing us to equate prettiness with tasty food.

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Laughter In Inappropriate Situations

Laughing in a funeral ceremony

We all harbour unpleasant memories about getting reproached for behaving inappropriately in situations that warrants utmost solemnity. Even though you would not think of laughing during your grandmother’s funeral even in your wildest dream, for some reason you find yourself at the receiving end of rightful rebuke from people for your inappropriate behaviour. Laughing in solemn situation is not indicative of your malevolence; rather it may be symptomatic of your attempt to ease the pressure you are under.

You And Your Obsession With Psychopaths

A man who is a psychopath

Life of Psychopaths has always been a strong subject of widespread interest in our society. Something inexplicable about their lives and characteristics prompt us to take immense interest in their inhuman deeds. Many scientists argue that people generally find great amount vicarious thrill from associating with these vile criminals. Imagining ourselves in their shoes enables us to liberate us from our mundane lives and not worry about what society makes of you as a person.

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Pretending To Be A Knowledgeable Person

Girl acting as a knowledge psercon

Why do people take often assume the air of know all person as per their convenience? When you are asked about something unfamiliar, why can’t you simply say that you have never heard about it before? Well scientists have some curious explanations for this human personality. Studies prove that people resort to pretending to know things so as to enhance their self esteem. We tend to make claims about knowing something either because you want the other person to stop asking you further question or because you feel that you should be really knowing about what is in question.

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