Spare JUUL Charger: The Prolific Way to Keep Your JUUL E-cig Ready

Are you one of those JUUL users who always worry about dead batteries and searches for a free USB port? With JUUL charging case, you do not have to worry anymore. It recharges your JUUL and at the same time keeps your device safe and sound. You can depend on it because it has the endurance to withstand massive impacts and keep your JUUL ready whenever you need it. JUUL charger is a worthy purchase, which will set you free from the apprehension of dead batteries.

Spare JUUL Charger: The Prolific Way to Keep Your JUUL E-cig Ready

You are having a good time chilling out and relaxing. Just as you take your JUUL for a puff, you find that it has dropped dead. Worse there is no free USB port in sight to juice it up.  Have you seen yourself in this precarious situation before? Not anymore with the spare JUUL charger.

If you wish to power up your JUUL in few minutes, then this convenient little case is your best bet. Moreover, it will serve you as a place to store your JUUL with an extra pod. The JUUL charger is here to eliminate all worries of dead batteries.

So what exactly comes with JUUL case charger? Not one but several accessories that include:

  • JUUL charging compartment
  • JUUL pod compartment
  • USB charger compartment
  • Silicon insert
  • USB cable

You can set aside all fears that your JUUL will get laden with dirt and contamination when not in use. Thanks to the silicon insert. It is the medical grade and the place to affix various compartments. The spare JUUL charger comes with many cool features that include:

  • Compatible only w/ JUUL e-cigarettes
  • Can store an extra JUUL pod
  • Magnetic sliding drawer gives easy access to your JUUL
  • Tough aluminum shell keeps your JUUL protected

The JUUL case charger has an elegant design. It has a smooth black anodized aluminum finish. Regarding size, you can expect it to be similar to an average smartphone or a couple of inches smaller. Thus, if your smartphone fits in your pocket so will this JUUL charger.

It is a durable charging case. If ever you drop it, you can be sure that your JUUL is safe inside. Using the charger is very easy. All you need to do is take the following steps:

  • Use the USB cable to charge up the case. When the charging is complete, all the four lights lit up.
  • You need to put the JUUL in the charging compartment and press the switch beside the USB port to start the charging sequence
  • Remove the JUUL when the charging is complete

The spare JUUL charger is the perfect option for those who are in love with it. On the offset that you have access to a free USB port throughout the day still, it is a better option. If you have a particular longing for aesthetics, then its cool design and looks will surely impress you.

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