Steps To Join For Professional Courses At IITs Through Entrance Test

There are many students studying in 12th standard or who have completed their 12th standard and aspire to become an engineer studying from the best colleges in India like that of an IIT. To get a chance there are certain tests that the student must pass. These include some of the toughest tests that is there for the 12th standard students. At present, the entrance test into the IIT is based on two examinations connected to one another, of which one becomes a preliminary examination for all students and the students who secure the minimum marks to pass that examinations get to appear in the advanced examination.

Steps To Join For Courses In The IITs

Students should always be as much focused about the system of examination like that of the studies they need to do for securing a better rank that can lead them to a seat in the prestigious IITs. There are different streams of engineering and all students who aspire to become an engineer studying any IIT have a goal set for themselves to secure a position in their choice o department. The selection process is totally based on ranking system and thus it needs to be taken into account. An online coaching for IIT JEE is something that all students can use as a proper process of study specifically for a position in these colleges.

The first step towards getting admission in this place is made possible through  JEE mains which is a compulsory examination for all engineering aspirants because securing marks above the cut-off marks here is essential to be eligible for giving the JEE advanced examination. The JEE advanced examination is the basic examination whose rank leads to securing a seat in the IIT.

online coaching for IIT JEE

It may seem to be tough to crack these examinations but all the examination needs a bit of smartness and intelligence while answering. The basic reason why people fail to secure a spot because they are busy studying like the common board examination. The things that are to be understood include the ways in which students can manage their time so that they can answer within a given time in the right way. The online courses teach the students the tricks that they can use in case of problems that take longer to solve doing in the process of board examination pattern.

The second step of assessment after a person secures cut-off marks is definitely tougher than the first one. The thing that students forget is that all the subject used here for assessment are equally important because every single mark can create a huge difference in the rank list. Marks of both the examinations are taken into account before creating the final merit list for the candidates. Students can go through online complete JEE main criteria to understand all that they need to.


Knowing about an examination is very important before studying for it. It forms a major part of the preparation process and every student needs to go through this to get better results.

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