These Street Food in Bangalore Is A Must Try!!

V V Puram or Vishveswarpuram is the place in Bangalore which a foodie must visit. This place a favourite to all the natives as well as all the tourists. This place is very quiet during the daytime but in the evening this place turns out to be the most crowded place. This famous place is situated near the Lal Bagh Botanical Garden. If you are a true foodie you must come to the V V Puram food street in Bangalore. Here is the list of some of the famous eateries of this place.


Sri Idli Mane

The perfect way to differentiate between Sri Idli Mane and Idli Mane is their eye-catchy purple board. And also no one makes the perfect Akki Roti than them. They have the expertise in making the best Akki Roti. You must come to this place and have the best South Indian food. You must try the Akki Rotis and Dosas. This place is perfect for all the vegetarians and for all the South Indian food lover.

Dev Sagar

Missing Mumbai’s food? Then Dev Sargar is at your rescue. You can get the best Mumbai food here. Their Rasgulla Chaat is all that you need to try. Rasgulla Chaat is their speciality. No, this isn’t a sweet this. Don’t be fooled by its sweet name. This is a dish which is created by mixing unsweetened rasgullas with the variety of masalas. If you love to try something new and experimental you must have this experimental food.

  1. Sri Subramanya Chinese Fast Food

If you are a Chinese food this place will be your current favourite. Their Indianized version of Chinese food is all that you will want to eat. Their Lip-Smacking Gobi Manchurian Roll is a must eat. And not only Gobi Manchurian their baby corn roll is worth eating. You must also try the spicy fried rice.

Bhajji Stall

Bhajjis are basically known as pakodas. These are fried snack which you can have in the evening. The Bhajji stall attracts their customers with the variety of bhajjis they have. They have special chilli, capsicum, and banana bhajji. To all those who can’t bear spicy food, this stall is not for you because here you will get all the spicy ingredients


Mumbai Badam milk and Lassi Center

After all the hot and spicy food, the next stoppage is Mumbai badam milk and lassi centre. There is nothing mysterious about the stall as the name says it all. Here you will get the best badam milk. You can also Rose milk and Rabdi Custard.

Bangrapet Chaat Express

How can we forget the chaat express? This is a must try stall. Here you will get every kind of hot and cool stuff. The Spicy and Luscious Chaat is all you need to eat. You must eat the masala chaat and pani puri first and then to soothe your taste bud you must have the Ice-cream.

So these are some of the famous eateries in V V Puram. You can also see the Yashwant place food guide and know the best eateries of that place.


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