The Health Benefits Of Six Common Food Items

Common food items including tomato, onion etc.

We all think that only the complicated recipes and rare ingredients are essential for preparing healthy food items. We easily ignore about the common food ingredients available in most of our kitchen which are beneficial to our health than any other exotic ingredients and recipes. In fact, these common food ingredients are natural cures to most of the ailments. This article provides health benefits of some common food ingredients.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a common food item

The coconut oil is one of the few items listed as super food. The combination of fatty acids contained in the coconut oil with its powerful medicinal properties benefits our health in different ways. Coconut oil is a richest source of saturated fat and it stimulates the function of digestive system. Saturated fat contained in the coconut oil help to lose your weight faster. Coconut oil can kill harmful viruses and bacteria in the human body because of the presence of lauric acid and it helps boost the HDL cholesterol. Coconut oil is also a detoxifying agent and it removes toxins from the human body, which are responsible for many diseases.

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Ginger is a common spicy food item

Ginger is one of the most delicious spices one the earth. It is a main ingredient in the several food recipes and ayurvedic medicines. Ginger is affluent with the bioactive contents and nutrients, which stimulates the functions of your body and brain. The consumption of ginger during an illness helps to alleviate the severe pain by decreasing the amount of prostaglandins, which are natural pain causing element. Ginger also increases the blood circulation with vital minerals such as zinc, chromium and magnesium contained in it.

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Onion is an essential item in all food recipes

Onions are mainly used as a side dish in Indian Food items. Onion with its high amount of antioxidants plays a vital role in the health of a human body. Onions are rich in soluble fibres which reduce the risk of colon cancer and inflammation. The flavonoids contained in the onion helps balance blood pressure, reduce stress and improve cardiovascular health. It is also beneficial for diabetics maintaining the sugar levels in the blood.

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Tomato is a common food item

Tomatoes are delicious and juicy vegetable and are essential for preparing salads and gravies. The lycopene contained in the tomatoes help prevent osteoporosis, a type disease which increases the number of broken bones, in women. The lycopene also save the stomach, lungs and prostate from the risk of cancer. The consumption of tomatoes reduces cholesterol and helps to keep the fluid balance in the human body.


Coriander is a common, spicy food item

Coriander adds colour and aroma to most curries, garnishes and chutneys. Coriander is a main element to treat digestive disorders and help to raise the level of good cholesterol while reducing the level of bad cholesterol. Coriander seeds facilitate regular menstrual flow and used to treat some ailments such as diarrhoea and nausea.

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Potato is a common food

Even though the potatoes are well-known to be rich in starch, people are not aware of the health benefits of it. The kukoamines contained in the potatoes help reduce the blood pressure level and the consumption of potatoes produce elements that are involved in the neurological activities. The vitamin B6 in the potatoes defends cardiovascular diseases and builds new cells in the body.

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