6 Key Advantages of Massage Therapy in Getting Relief from Pain & Stress


Surviving in today’s world is all about facing cut-throat competition with high confidence. But no matter how confident you are, you always get stressed out when you have to live up to the expectations of the people around you. Whether you talk about your parents, who expect you to do extremely good in your college or in your professional career, or your boss and clients, who want you to deliver 100% and finish your work within the agreed deadlines, you have to deal with everyone’s expectations in the best way possible to make a balance.

The process of appeasing people around you and struggling with your own self at the same time puts a lot of pressure on you which easily makes you stressed out and depressed. And if you are unable to find effective ways of dealing with your problem, you won’t be able to enjoy a happy and peaceful life.

You need to get relaxed to bring down your stress level, otherwise, you will never be able to create a balance in your life. You can’t expect yourself to perform effectively for a long time, while still struggling with stress.

One of the best ways to get rid of stress, anxiety, and depression is to go for massage therapy. It’s very effective when it comes to controlling your stress level because it offers quick relief from it.

In addition to that, massage therapy is also very effective when it comes to getting relief from pain that is either caused by a physical injury to your body parts or due to a prolonged illness.

Massage Therapy Relaxes Your Body

Massage therapy has multiple benefits and you must try it at least once in your life. There is no denying the fact that massage therapy promotes health and well-being, wherein a massage therapist applies pressure on your body through their hands and fingers. In addition to that, a massage therapist also uses their feet, elbows, and knees to put pressure on the body of the patient to relax their bodies.

It Helps in Reducing Stress

Different types of massaging techniques are used by therapists at NYPT Health and Rehab to reduce stress which affects both your physical and mental well-being. Over the years, several types of research have been conducted on massage therapy, and most of them state that it is one of the best ways to get relief from stress.

If you live with stress, it not only affects your professional life but it also ruins your personal life to a great extent. Stress leads to high blood pressure, higher heart rate, anxiety, depression, and insulin dependency. Apart from that, it is also accountable for the development of artery-clogging deposits.

 It Reduces Pain

Whether you are struggling with shoulder, neck, hand, knee or ankle pain, massage therapy can prove to be a significant help in reducing the distress and discomfort that you feel. An experienced and skilled massage therapist uses powerful massaging techniques which help in minimising the pain with great extent.

In fact, patients with chronic pain and prolonged illness prefer to take the support of massage therapy to promote their well-being. It means, the application of massage techniques is not only useful for minimising the pain caused by the injuries but it’s also very helpful in dealing with the pain caused by long term illnesses like arthritis.

Massage helps in the releasing a chemical called serotonin in your body, which helps in tackling pain. The reduction of serotonin in your body leads to depression, so if you want to increase its release, do go for massage therapy. Apart from increasing the release of serotonin, massage therapy also helps in promoting deep sleep, which plays its own part in minimising the pain.

It Improves Blood Circulation

Proper blood circulation is very important for staying healthy and feeling energetic. Your body experiences problems in blood circulation when its circulatory system fails to function properly. The circulatory system is made up of the cardiovascular system and lymphatic system which play a crucial role in detoxing the body.

For improved blood circulation, it’s very important that your circulatory system functions properly and therapeutic massage helps in it a lot.

Improved blood circulation makes you feel relaxed and energetic which eventually help in enhancing your productivity and makes you happy.

Massage helps in promoting a healthy body and a healthy mind, which are very important for living a happy life. So, whether you are struggling with physical injury or a mental illness, you can always take the support of massage therapy to improve the quality of your life.

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