Things a Plastic Surgeon Wishes He Could Tell You

Plastic surgery has emerged as one of the most popular procedures to enhance/change appearance among people these days. Once common only among those with deformations (by birth or as a result of an accident) and celebrities, it is now very popular among general public. Men and women are willing to get under the knife to change appearance, gain confidence, attract their crush, keep partners from straying, get a role in movie/ads and many other reasons.

There are a number of things a patient must know before taking a decision. However, did you know there are a number of things most plastic surgeons wish they could tell their patients but can’t (or won’t)?

Here’s a list of things your surgeon can’t/won’t tell you (though they wish they really could):

Get a Surgery for You

Surprisingly, most people undergo a plastic surgery to impress others or because their friends/competitors did the same. However, the decision should be solely yours. No one should pressurize you. Getting a plastic surgery because you are influenced by someone will not let you achieve satisfaction.

Plastic Surgeries of Classified as Aesthetic and Reconstructive

There are two primary types of plastic surgeries. These are aesthetic (cosmetic) and reconstructive. Cosmetic plastic surgery is done on patients who wish to change their appearance. Some of the most common types include butt lifts, facial lift, tummy tucks, liposuction, etc. On the other hand, reconstructive plastic surgery is for those who have birth defects, victims of accidents like car crashes, fire injuries, etc. This is also for those who have gone through surgeries for other health reasons but did not get satisfactory results.

It is Very Tough to Fix a Bad Surgery

You must have heard many things about surgeries done for fixing a bad one. However, a corrective surgery is quite tough. Additionally, it is more painful, takes more time to heal and risks involved may increase.

Some Surgeons Will Conduct Surgery on Anyone

Unfortunately, some doctors are only interested in making money. Hence, once you decide to go under the knife, make sure the surgeon is board certified. Look for his experience, samples of past works, and testimonials by patients before making a final decision.

Consult a Therapist First

It is highly recommended to see a therapist before deciding on a plastic surgery. You should explain why exactly you wish to go through the process prior to consulting a plastic surgeon. A professional therapist will help you understand what to expect from the surgery.

There is No Correct Way to Do a Plastic Surgery

This is true! None of the plastic surgeons will ever tell you there may be over 30 ways to do the same surgery (because this might intimidate a patient). These professionals deal with many different types of eyes, lips, noses, and breasts daily. Hence, there are many ways to conduct the same surgery.

Plastic Surgeons are NOT Genies

It is better not to consider your surgeon as the genie from Aladdin’s lamp. You must have realistic expectations as human body has certain limitations to what it can handle. Avoid going for a surgery if you wish to look like a specific celebrity. These surgeries are meant to enhance your original beauty. It is not possible to create a clone of someone out of your body.

They Turn Down Many Patients

Most plastic surgeons turn down around 30 per cent of individuals who visit them for cosmetic (aesthetic surgery). Most of these people are turned down because of their unrealistic expectations. A surgeon wants that their patient’s desire is in agreement with what can be delivered. An unsafe, unrealistic, or unhealthy expectation is often turned down.

It is a Vicious Cycle

If you are not satisfied with your present look, you may not be happy after the surgery. Many people keep going back to the surgeon to enhance their features. The process can go on and on. Plastic surgery has nothing to do with perfection.

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