Top 5 Common Problems For Security Cameras Installation In Any Industry

Complete security of a workplace is the primary concern for every industry. Security cameras have most definitely come up as the most probable first step towards this intent. However, installing cameras can get tricky if you are not ready for some of the most common issues that develop with the technology.  Industrial security cameras, in particular, can get a bit complicated, especially because you have to be responsible for multiple camera networks to cover the entire unit of your workplace. As such, you should be ready to face some common problems during installation that can be handled at the very core. This will help to avoid further complications with the camera’s performance in the future.

  1. Issues with product compatibility

When setting up an industrial surveillance system, many companies often fall into the trap of buying too many high-end brands for various parts of the system. This often leads to products compatibility issues when installing the system. The most common solution for this problem is to rather invest in a single high -end brand for all the components of your surveillance system. Look for brands that have a separate line of products for industrial security range. These products will be better created to follow industrial specifications. Also, make sure to buy products that are specifically created for outdoors or indoors depending on the location of where you want the cameras installed for the security strategy at your workplace.


  1. Changing the default password and codes

Surveillance camera systems come with their own default passwords and codes. These are meant to give easy access to the camera software and footage. However, this can transition into a major security faux pas if not handled properly. These codes can be easily broken in to and hackers can use them to access your official video footage online. Instead, make sure to change all passwords to stronger codes right during installation. Share the passwords only with the authorized people within your company to control security hassles in the future.

  1. Regular checking of alerts and alarm systems

False alarms and alerts are a common issue after installation of industrial cameras. Make sure to keep a frequent check on the alarm and alert systems on your security cameras to avoid such issues from cropping up in the first place. The regular software and firmware updates can help address the situation before it becomes an issue.

  1. Positioning the camera and lights for clear imaging

The lighting around your camera will affect the final video quality that it captures. It is important to check the position of the lights when installing industrial cameras to avoid bright spots or red eye on the video footage.

  1. Resolving IP address conflicts

IP cameras, in general, have performance issues if the IP address is not correctly configured during the installation procedure. If you are having persistent problems with your camera’s accessing the network, make sure to check the IP address compatibility with other devices on the Wi-Fi network. Usually changing the unique IP address for your camera will help resolve the issue.

These are the most common problems that might crop up during the installation of surveillance systems in any industry. However, if you have persistent issues, even after following the troubleshooting tricks for these common problems, make sure to contact the tech support team for the camera brand, to get targeted professional assistance.

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