The Top Family Bike Tours to Pick in NYC and Renting an e-bike for it

For those who are planning to explore NYC like locals, it is an ideal option to rent a bike and then roam around freely. There are many bike rental options available in New York, and there are also walking tours for tourists. However, when it comes to walking tours, it may be a very tiring as well as time taking affair, so an ideal pick is always a tour on wheels, preferably e-bikes, which reduces your stress.

Bike tours are ideal for those who first-time visitors who want to explore a specific area of New York like a Central Park trip at their pace. For example, a breezy ride from the Brooklyn waterfront to Central Park may be a memorable experience to anyone visiting New York.

Why rent an e-bike?

Electric bikes also offer the same benefits as of traditional bicycles including cost and time saving, and also no need for any license as in case of renting a motor vehicle. It also has health benefits and also gives the travelers an opportunity to mingle with the local community and explore the culture.

The major advantage of renting an e-bike is its efficiency in reducing rider’s strain and also to climb hills and comfortably operate in off-road terrains too. E-bikes may also be ideal to use in windy areas. If you are suffering from joint pain on doing exercise or having asthma-related issues while exerting, then e-bike is an ideal choice to make.

Electric bikes may also help the trippers to avoid the usual roadblocks in busy streets. Renting e-bikes may be a bit more expensive than traditional bikes, but it is fully worth in terms of comfort and time saving while you are a short trip to NYC or Central Park. Nowadays, the battery life and performance of the e-bikes are also largely improved, which all makes e-bike rental a cost-effective and time-saving endeavor for the weekend tourists.

What type of trips e-bikes are ideal for?

From the early days of e-bikes in the United States, starting from the ebike of EV Global Motors back in 1999, the drive-trains and frame styles have largely proliferated along with the battery size, weight, and models.

No, along with simplistic DIY e-bikes to complicated systems like Ridekick’s Power Trailer, e-bike models and performance standards are there is plenty to explore. The breadth of e-bike products had really grown owing to the widespread acceptance of this new mode of personal transportation in America, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world.

Electric bikes may be about three times lesser expensive than cars or other electric vehicles. It also has a lower operational expense in fuel cost perspective. They also don’t create any pollution and thereby reducing the carbon footprints of the riders. E-bikes are really an awesome option for anyone to consider for all types of short trips.

How far can you go with e-bike on one charge?

The best thumb rule to calculate this is to divide the watt-hours claims of e-bike by 20. Electric bike batteries may be specified with voltages and the amp hours, and an average combination now goes like 36 volts of power and 10-amp hours which totals to 360 watts. So, 360 divided by 20 comes to 18 miles. There are variations in e-bike models are pedal assisted ebikes like pedelec and throttle only e-bikes etc.

Understanding of all this technological information will help you understand the market of e-bikes and the models out there, which will make hiring an e-bike for your exact purpose much easier and cost-effective

New York bike tours

  1. Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges

It is a great experience of the family trippers to choose an e-bike rental NYC and ride across the two iconic bridges of New York as Manhattan and Brooklyn. You can first take a comfortable short ride from Brooklyn to China Town and then glide the way along the East River to halt at the South Port Sea. Next, explore the City Hall Park and the finish the ride at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

  1. Central Park bike tour

Central Park is a huge expanse spreading across 2.5 miles starting from 59th Street and ending at 110th Street. For the fast-pace tourists, it may not be ideal to trek on foot, but renting an e-bike will serve your purpose. You can explore a fair number of park attractions in about two hours on an e-bike. The must-see attractions of Central Park involve Strawberry Fields, Bethesda Fountain, Dakota, The Mall, Cleopatra’s Needle, Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, etc. There are guided tours also available.

  1. Harlem Highlights tour


Harlem is the biggest Manhattan neighborhood, so it will be fun to hop through the city on an e-bike, which will help you explore everything from the Harriet Tubman Memorial to the Hamilton Grange in a matter of hours. There are guided tours also available, which offer a glide through the side streets too which you may not be able to cover on a bus or cab tour.

  1. Three-Borough Cultural ebike tour

If you are planning for a full-day tour, then you can visit three boroughs like Queens, Brooklyn as well as Manhattan. You can pedal through the Upper East Side to the Long Island City and Williamsburg to reach to the Greenpoint. Next, cross the Williamsburg Bridge, and you can finally end up your trip at the Lower East Side of Manhattan. If you join a guided e-bike tour, then you may also be able to explore many cultural diversities also en route ranging from the Hasidic Jewish community to the Yiddish-speaking Williamsburg and the Polish enclaves, etc.

If you are seriously looking for more options in New York City ebike tours, then it is worthwhile to explore Wall Street, Broadway Shows, Yankee Stadium, etc. You can also explore the most overlooked borough of New York City on bikes. If you are planning to visit New York on the weekend, then it is possible to book for a guide e-bike tour, or you can also explore the option of booking an e-bike and then exploring the city all by your own freedom and unguided at your pace.

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