Top Five SEO Trends in 2018

Today this question always raise up that which SEO (Search Engine Optimization) sunshine in 2018 or in future…Many Of SEO guru, IT expert, digital marketing services and business of these are caught the topics search engine optimization and give their opinion, comment, and also express our feeling to give the top ran in the domain. we also merge all of this information we find that best basic parameter in which Search engine optimization trends.Here we are share top five SEO trend in 2018.

Search Engine Optimisation

1 Voice search(in smartphone)

Nowadays voice search is most popular for searching on Google and another searching site, Its extremely important to make sure that certain resource is not blocked such as images, CSS files, and videos. Some example of voice search is Siri from Apple, Google Now for Google, Cortana from Microsoft, Alexa by Amazon.

2 search engine results page

SERP  is the page displayed by a web search engine in response to a query by a visitors .the weapons which help for SERP are Yotpo Search Enhancements, Schema friendly WordPress themes, Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool, Data Highlighter, WordPress Plugins, Moz Pro’s Advanced SERP feature Tracking, Rank Ranger’s Google SERP features Tool.

Its any result on Google search engine result page that is not a traditional organic result, some features are- rich snippets, Paid results, universal results and Knowledge Graph.

Example- Adwords{bottom and top}, site links, featured Snippet, Image Pack, Article, Knowledge Panel, Local Teaser Pack, Related Questions, shopping Results, Tweet, Image Pack, Knowledge card, Local Pack, News Box, Reviews, Video.

3 AMP {Accelerated Mobile Pages}

AMP is an open source coding standard for Illuminate.The aim for AMP is for a publisher to be able to load their sites quickly on mobile since mobile responsive could be clunky and slow because desktop resources are heavy and plenty. Google AMP is for News sites, Recipes, Travel guides, Entertainment sites, E-commerce site, Advertisers.

4 Building Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are incoming links to a web page. Web page links to any other page, it’s known as backlinks When search engines calculate the relevance on a site to a keyword, they consider the number of quality links to that site, It’s better to have one link from a highly trusted website than it is to have multiple links from directorates.

5 UX (user experience and SEO)

It plays a major role in SEO, the connection between user experience and SEO, Search engines are advancing at the fastest rate we’ve seen in many years thanks to .have allowed the search engines to focus on providing the most relevant results, not only in terms of content but also in terms of UX. Pointing to your SERP click rates and the amount of time that a visitor spends on a page and you’ll improve your ranking, traffic, and conversions. Valuable, Accessible, Desirable, Credible, Findable, usable, useful.

Overall, SEO in 2018 is more Challenging and hard working years.the future is never set in stone, It’s still important to keep on top of new SEO trends

“What am I missing here? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it in!



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