Types of Brain Tumors, Their Symptoms and Treatment Facilities in India

When the horrid disease of cancer reaches your Brain Tumors or spine, the condition of Brain tumor arises. However, the disease is associated with crazy reproduction of abnormal cells, such growth could either be non-cancerous or benign too.


Possibly the least life threatening form of brain tumor, benign is known with slow growth. They have a visible boundary and normally generate from cells within the brain or from the ones surrounding it.


These are more aggressive and contains cancer cells. Cancerous tumors do not have a definite border and can invade the surrounding brain tissue.

Cancerous brain tumors can be diversified according to their place of origin-

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Primary tumors are the ones which originate right from the brain cells. This type of tumor can spread and attack other parts of your body as well.


This type of tumors is from an alien territory i.e., they originate in some other organ and reach the brain afterward. This type of tumor is more common than the primary tumors.


When one is suspected to be diagnosed with a brain tumor, surely there might be some signs or symptoms to back their claim. Some of these symptoms can be-

  •    Recurrent Headaches
  •    Numbness in arms and legs
  •    Memory loss
  •    Coordination problems
  •    Nausea and vomiting
  •    Change in speech, vision, or hearing patterns

After the establishment of these symptoms, your doctor might run some imaging tests like MRI or CT scans, in some cases a biopsy is done to get a better idea. After the tests, the doctor will determine what stage you are in and customize a treatment plan.

Where a lot of people look for treatment options nearby, some try to find better possibilities offshores. It is said that India is one of the primary medical hubs in the world. With much cheaper treatment and top-notch expertise, hospitals in India are blessed with the best resources in the world.

Brain tumor always revolves around 3 treatment options of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. Maybe not now but at some point, surgery will happen and is your best shot at survival. Fortunately, the brain tumor surgery Delhi cost is way lower than what the western countries charge. If you are curious, some of the best hospitals for brain tumor surgery is located in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and other metro states. Try to go for a Brain tumor surgery in Delhi they harbor some of the best hospitals and doctors in the world.

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