How To Use Eggs To Take Care Of Your Hair

Eggs are one of the best sources of proteins, vitamins, and fatty acids. These are the important nutrients which are essential for good hair health. So yes, eggs are not just for building muscles but also effective for healthy hair. But there are different ways how you can use eggs to improve your hair health. And we are here to introduce those ways to you. So attention, please!

egg hair mask

Egg whites are important!

As you know eggs are rich in protein. However, egg whites have a higher protein content as they contain riboflavin, niacin, magnesium, sodium and potassium. All these are really beneficial for hair growth. Even yolks contain protein but they have lesser amount of it as compared to egg whites. It also contains B complex vitamins and folic acids which are powerful nutrients for hair growth. Usually, people prefer to have egg whites in diet and yolks are used to prepare an egg hair mask. So I hope you are clear why people love to use egg for hair.

How to use eggs like shampoo?

If your hair are dull and damaged using eggs as a shampoo can bring them back to life. So just wash your hair with eggs just like you use shampoo to wash them. Wash them with lukewarm water. Don’t put conditioner after using it unless your hair are too frizzy. If you don’t want its smell to linger then mix some citrus juice in it before applying it on your hair.

How to use eggs like conditioners?

For using eggs as a conditioner, you don’t need to do much. The easiest way to treat your hair well is to put some eggs as a conditioner. Take three egg yolks in a bowl and mix them well. Just apply it after doing shampoo and leave it there for a while. Wash them later and you will good results. If your hair are damaged then you will need to add some more ingredients to recover your hair health. But for hair which don’t need much treatment, this is absolutely beneficial in just maintaining the health.

Using egg for hair fall

You don’t want your hair to be so weak that every time you brush them or style them you see a cluster of them falling off. Well, that is everyone’s nightmare. Eggs can help to boost hair growth by making them strong and preventing hair breakage. They helps to strengthen the hair follicles which are majorly responsible for hair growth. Eggs nourish our hair from roots to tips. You can use them as shampoo, conditioner or hair masks.

Egg masks:

Recipe #1:

For using a simple hair mask just take one egg and blend it with olive oil. You can also add more according to the length of your hair. Apply it on your hair and wash it off later after 30-45 minutes with cold water. Also if you have oily hair stay clear from egg yolk as it can make them greasier.  

Recipe #2:

For oily scalp you need a hair mask which will give you the required nutrients without making it more greasy. Using eggs with yogurt can reduce the excess oil produced on the scalp. To tackle hair problems like dandruff and lemon add some lemon to it.

To make it use ½ cup of yogurt to remove the excess oil, 1 egg for nutrients, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice for adding scalp cleanser. Now mix these ingredients together in a bowl and blend them thoroughly. To make a fine paste you can use a hand blender. Apply this hair mask twice a week on your hair to gain best results for oily hair. You should leave it for 45 minutes on your hair. Shampoo your hair as usual.

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