Visiting an Orthodontist in Delhi To Get A Proper Brace Treatment

A brace treatment becomes necessary when there is problem with teeth alignment. The procedure is not complex, yet most people often fear it and show apprehensions towards getting and maintaining braces. They will definitely worry less, and all their anxiety is minimized if they know exactly what happens with or during the procedure. But yes, it’s to be noted that the experience will be different for each person, depending on the orthodontist and the specific treatment. Similarly, some will choose Invisalign while some traditional braces, so naturally, the kind of experience will be vastly different in either cases.

Visiting an Orthodontist in Delhi To Get A Proper Brace Treatment

Here are some of things to expect with a visit to the orthodontist for getting a proper brace treatment –

  1. Consultation & Treatment Design

First, patients will have a consultation with the orthodontist to get their teeth thoroughly checked and determine the type of treatment required to straighten the teeth. The orthodontist will be the best judge of whether the patient needs braces, or their teeth are straight enough for any intervention. After examining the teeth and x-rays, the dentist will design a treatment specific to the case. A mould of the teeth will be taken to crate mock-up of the braces. The treatment may vary where a patient has an underbite or overbite or gaps in the teeth or overcrowding.

  1. Placing the Braces

Once the treatment plan is designed, the orthodontist will go ahead with placing the braces but not before preparing the teeth and gums for the same. He/she will do the conditioning of the teeth surface to use the place to cement on the brackets. Then, the first wire will be placed after having cemented the brackets in place. The dentist then will do a cleaning as the conditioning generally takes 10 to 30 minutes max.  After that, the teeth will be primed for the cement and then the placement of brackets is done, as per the positions designed by the dentist.

  1. Inserting the Wire

Putting the brackets in place is a complex procedure and for that reason, patients should try only an experienced orthodontist to avoid any harm. Once this procedure is done, the dentist will go ahead and insert the wire into the brackets. The wire is placed in a manner to provide leverage to the teeth or have a firm support over the teeth. This will help them get faster into correction position. This is how the wire is placed into the brackets and a proper closing it done to let it be in the place for a long time.

  1. Oral Care Discussion Post Placement of Wire

There will be a gap of three to four weeks between placement of wire to next adjustments. For that period, the orthodontist will consult the patient over oral care so that no damage to the fixture is done. The patient will be told about the type of toothpaste to use, or they may also be provided with special brushes for cleaning brackets and teeth easily. The dentist will focus on giving a type of brush that is able to easily take out foods and bacteria from around the brackets or from between the wire in the teeth.

  1. Adjustments

The orthodontist will call back the patient again some three to four weeks after placing the wire for the adjustment. During this procedure, the dentist will remove the wire, bend it or insert a new wire, whichever deems fit to him/her. If the new wire is used, it will have a different configuration than the last wire so that the teeth could be moved to their positions faster. In fact, the dentist will insert a new wire each time a patient goes for an adjustment to provide the teeth the right push or pull.

  1. Dentist Appointments

When you wear braces, cleaning the teeth can be tough or brushing can be difficult. Your dentist will do that for you as they know how to clean around the brackets and do the job efficiently. Even the best orthodontist in Delhi will ask you to follow certain dietary restrictions like avoiding sticky or crunchy foods or hard for certain duration. This is how your brace treatment will go as smooth as you want it.

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