How the water gets free of pollutants?

The human has got water in it to a large extent, and hence it is much necessary to have clean water for the people in every area whether it is home or a commercial place. When it comes to the clean drinking water, it is seen that the water gets treated at the treatment plants and make them clean enough for consumers to drink it or use it for another purpose. It has been seen that the water bodies are now getting polluted to an extreme level. As a result, they are not good for the health. To make it clean, it is seen that they go under the purification process.

In the water purification plant, removal of contaminants is said to remove from the raw materials, and they produce the clean drinking water from it. This thing is said to be pure enough for human consumption or even for the industrial purpose. When the contaminants are said to be removed from the water, it means that the substances like parasites, algae, viruses, fungi, minerals are removed from it.

These type of contaminants are said to be dangerous for the human body. They can cause many type diseases which may sometimes cause death too. So it is very important that these things need to get removed from the water as it will improve the taste, smell as well as the appearance of the water.

It is seen that at last a small amount of disinfectant is left behind and that is done intentionally as it will ensure that if any bacteria or virus is gone, then it will kill them too and will make the water good for the use.  The process of water purification plant is mentioned below.


This is the first process, and in this, the water is collected from the source. To provide water to people, it must get collected from somewhere, and this is the process in which the water is collected for this.


In water, there are many microorganisms, solvents, dust. As a result, it changes the taste and odor of the water. So it needs to be treated, and for this, all screening of water is done after the collection of the water.

Addition of chemical

After the water gets screened, it is then sent to the treatment plant. IN that plant, chemicals are said to add in water. They are added in water so that they can make the water clump to form a heavier and larger particle known as floc.

Coagulation and flocculation

In this, the coagulant is said to be added with the water so that they can able to provide quick mixing. It helps the impurities to stick with each other, and form big particles.


In this process, water flows into the basin. As a result impurities, it sinks to the bottom and then it is removed.


At the last disinfection is added so that the remaining bacteria can able to get killed.

These are the process of water purification plant.

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