A Web Designer’s Guide to Instagram


With a phenomenal rise in the number of unique and new social networking sites entering the market, things are becoming quite challenging, as far as, staying focused is concerned. It is becoming difficult to gain substantially from a social media network such as Instagram. We know that Instagram and other social media platforms are engrained in our minds and lives and often it is pretty tough to communicate effectively without Instagram and other such social media platforms.

In the earlier part of 2013, the average Internet user used to spend roughly three hours every day on the social networking site. You could pretty well imagine and realize that this number must have grown phenomenally well, particularly post the rise of social networking sites such as Instagram and Pinterest.

As a web designer, you could get a wide range of precise niche social networks that could be effectively accessed by you.  Web designing follows its own system and the top six social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ are supposed to be still quite important and invaluable while building your own business and gradually gaining more clients.

The Four Key Benefits of Instagram from a Web Designers Perspective

Let us explore the true benefits of Instagram and other such social media platforms. There are several people who have a preference for working within their close circle of business partners and friends, but still social media could prove to be invaluable to them in a number of ways.


It aids your capability of providing individuals the latest news or scoop that is occurring in your specific niche. This could result in numerous people becoming your dedicated and loyal followers. It is only when you have finally proved yourself as a trustworthy and reliable source of providing web design news that people would be coming back to you for more of your expert posts.


Know, like, trust, and commit. This implies that only when Instagram users know you as a web designer, they like you and start trusting you. Once they trust you, they would be automatically promoting you, start hiring you, and even motivate and encourage you to carry on doing what you have been doing so far. It would be taking quite some time to reach here but it is worth the wait for achieving this result.

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If you produce similar content, again and again, Google would be assisting you with driving more organic traffic to your website. You could boost more followers for Instagram.


Since you do not need to shut the door while leaving your online digital office, you could carry on selling even when you are fast asleep. While you are in your sleep, numerous portions of the universe are waking up. So, they can DM you via Instagram about a new project and you can reply them after you wake up to start your day.


Initiate with mandatory information. There are a host of interesting tools for getting rewarded and boosting efficiency. The greatest deterrent is actually the learning curve. You need to know what works for Instagram and what really does not. Eventually, success would come via trust and engagement.

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