What Are The Common Running Mistakes To Avoid?

Girl tying her shoelaces

Running is a very vigorous practice that brings a variety of benefits to all its practitioners. While accepting the usefulness of running regularly, it is equally important to acknowledge that running involves inherent physical hazards that may stem from your carelessness. However much good you are in running, it’s time to rethink running methods and view things in the best interests of future. Let’s learn about some of the most common mistakes made by runners.

Are You Running In Wrong Shoes?

Running shoes for perfect running

Most runners are particular about their choice of shoes. There is a constant anxiety among these runners to buy the best shoes in the market. In this bustle and hustle to buy the leading brand, the functionality of the shoes becomes of secondary importance.  Running in the most expensive shoes alone will not make you immune to injuries. What you need to do is buy shoes that are flexible and functional. Generally shoes which have been used for running last as far as 400 miles, after that you are supposed to replace them with new ones.

Overdoing Never Works Out

Overdoing workouts is not good

It is quite natural for human to believe that doing more of something will invariably produce positive outcomes. Well, the very notion of doing more is a terrible thing, unless you are insistent on bringing harm up on yourself. The sooner you realize that running too long would do you more harm than good the better it would be for your career as a runner. It is advisable to put on your breaks and think about how you can increase the running distance on a gradual basis as opposed to stretching your limit at the very beginning.

Let’s Not Do Over-Striding Too Much

striding while walking

While it is admirable how some people make significant strides in developing their running skills, it always grieves you to see that all the progress goes right down the drain once they start doing over-striding. It is high time purge people of misconceptions about over-striding. Most runners labor under the delusion that doing over striding will bear fruits in the long run. Well, over striding eventually results in not only weaker feet but also injury problems.

Drinking Very Little Water Along The Way

Woman drinking water after running workouts

Many runners repeat the mistake of drinking very little during their running session. A lot of these people abstain from drinking water for fear having to take side stretches. Well this is indeed a bad habit that inevitably results in dehydration and adverse impact on your health. It is highly advisable that runners keep track of the amount of water taken during and after their running sessions.

Choosing The Right Running Cloth

Guys exercising with running clothes

What dress code constitutes the ideal running cloth? This is a question the every runner should ask themselves before starting to run. Many runners are guilty of either wearing to much or too little for their running sessions. It is pertinent to draw a distinction between clothing as a means of protecting one from adverse weather and clothing as a means of not hindering your running capacity. Putting on apt fabrics will keep the sweat away and help you stay dry.

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