What Are The Favourite Cuisines Of Europe In Modern Day?

Top european cuisines in all parts of Europe

European cuisine is as diverse as the many nations that build up Europe. Although there are much dissimilarities between the various cuisines that come under the term of European cuisine, there are some similarities also. Meat and seafood are important ingredients of many of European dishes. They not only use meat more widely, but size of meat also tends to be larger. Sauces, wheat, potato and seasonings are the main sources starch in European cuisine. Maize is the main ingredient of the popular Italian polenta dishes but it seen less in European countries than in any other parts of the world.

Russian cuisine of Beef stroganoff

The Eastern European countries have many resemblances between their particular cuisines and many differences also. The differences in the cuisines lie mainly based on the climate and location of the country. Poland is famous for their traditional dish called bigos and flaki, which is a type of Polish stew. The other two dishes called Kielbasa and pierogies are popular and also seen throughout other European countries as well. Russia is well known for the drink vodka and the dishes such as beef stroganoff, chicken Kiev and blini. In Czechoslovakia we can find a dish of potato dumplings called bryndzove halusky, served with cheese and bacon of sheep. It is often accompanied by a beverage made of sheep’s milk called Zineica.

Favourite moussaka cuisine of Greece

The national dish of Greece named Moussaka and the traditional dish made of fried meat, eggs, liver and tomatoes in Albania are very popular and also available in other parts of the world. We can find horse meat on the menus in Slovenia, and can enjoy a horse burger from the restaurants in Ljubljana.

Currywurst is one of the top Indian cuisine

Another famous centre of various cuisines is Northern Europe. Here we can find authentic and traditional Dutch dishes known as Neerlands Dis on restaurants in Netherlands. In the northern part we can also find some national speciality dishes such as haggis, a type of pudding made with sheep’s pluck from Scotland, the national dishes of England such as Irish stew and chicken tika masala. The cuisines of Iceland, Finnish and Norway rely heavily on the bounty of the seafood as in the other north European countries bordering the ocean.Don’t forget to order a currywurst from a snack kiosk on the street.

European food tupus paella

The main varieties of Belgium are chocolate and mussels with potato fries. Vienna produces wine in large quantities, therefore wine is the very popular drink in Vienna. Lyon is considered as the food capital of France and famous for the dishes such as Lyonnais sausage, cassoulet and tripe. Lyon is also famous for pastry and breads. Many well-known chefs are mainly from Lyon, including Chef Daniel Boulud. Spain is famous for their tapas bur paella to be considered as the national dish of Spain. The European culture is maintained in their cuisines which are liked not only by Europeans but by the citizens of whole world.

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We will back with more cuisine information from various other parts of the world, stay with us.

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