Why do Celebrities Prefer Green Tea?

The benefits of green tea

Green tea is widely known for its high level of antioxidants. Green tea is one of the main drinks of stars and celebrities like Hollywood stars, pop singers, models and TV stars. They all drink green tea for reducing weight, increasing the energy level and releasing toxins from your body. The scholars find out the health benefits of green tea each day and it makes green tea as one of the best healthiest beverages. So there is no wonder the celebrities like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston, Johnny Depp, Taylor Swift, Christina Aguilera, Robert Pattinson, Sandra Bullock and Jessica Alba likes Green tea.

Green tea contains all the beautifying ingredients. It is the reason for loving this detoxing beverage by the most of the celebrities and general public. Following are the some of the health benefits of green tea:

Reduces Weight

Weight loss with Green Tea

One of the popular drinks of Hollywood celebrities, such as Jennifer Aniston and Johnny Depp, is Green tea. Fat burning capacity of Green tea is one of the medically proven health benefits. “I drink lots of green tea instead of coffee. I always begin my morning with a bowl of oats and cup of green tea”, says Johnny Depp. He was able to reduce around 20 pounds of weight for the character of Barnabas Collins.

Jennifer Aniston has called herself addicted to green tea. “It’s really nice and healthy beverage that makes me slim, and fit.” The well known medical experts say green tea Various well known celebrity medical experts say green tea holds polyphenols, which is highly effective antioxidant to keep burn fat and improve immunity power.

Reduces Stress

Stress reduce with Green Tea

Green tea plays an important role in reducing stress and cortisol levels in the adults. L-Theanine, an amino acid contained in the green tea which helps to provide a calming effect. Lady Gaga prefers Green tea to reduce her stress and to increase the energy level. “If I am feeling stressful and overwhelmed, I go for a cup of green tea to energize my body”, says Lady Gaga

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Improve Immune System

Immune system with green tea

Catechins, a type of antioxidants and natural phenol contained in the Green Tea can improve your immune system. It also helps from getting cancer and to develop an antibacterial state within the human body to resist the sickness bug. So intake of more Green tea during the cold and flu season helps to fight away the nasty bacteria’s.

Skin Care

Skin care with green tea

Green Tea has very pleasing and positive effects on the skin. It helps to reduce skin complaints such as acne and eczema. Most of the Hollywood actors replace Green tea with a normal skin toner or astringent. Christina Aguilera used to apply this Green tea to the skin usually with other components with cotton. The regular consumption of Green tea benefits your health and help to reduce acne.

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