Why Hunting helps Children Develop Correctly?

Activities such as hunting or fishing, in which the relationship and interaction with the environment are clear, help to prevent Nature Deficit Disorder (TDN). Here we tell you what this health problem consists of.

In the everyday life of today’s society, from the youngest in the family to the oldest, they are in constant contact with technology. So much so, that in many cases these new devices lead the youngest to an isolation that prevents them from knowing what is around them. This may entail, and in most cases, the appearance of Nature Deficit Disorder (TDN).

This term was coined by Richard Louv in his book “Last Child in the Woods” in 2008. Through this book, Louv gave rise to a new movement that raises the need to connect and interact with the natural environment, something that according to the Experts help the development of children.

In this way, Louv’s book was followed by educators and parents who seek to reestablish the link between humans and nature, a very present factor in hunting.

According to the professor of Environmental Psychology of the UAM, José Antonio Corraliza, ” Nature Deficit Disorder (TDN) is part of a set of problems that, generically, are called Psychoneurotic diseases, which are disorders that have their origin in a deficit or pathological relationship with the environment in which we live. ”

Corraliza explains to ABC that the interaction with the environment is not a fashion “but a necessity fruit of nostalgia since water, animals, and vegetation are part of the ecosystem where we have had evolutionary success as a species”. As he says, our nervous system is not adapted to cities “and is oversaturated”.

Thus, activities that take place in a natural environment, such as hunting, make children learn from nature while they experiment. But not only does it provide a benefit on a physical level, but it is also important for the emotional plot. Activities such as hunting, which take place in the natural environment,  provide them with tools to be able to cope better with stress and be more autonomous while enhancing their concentration and improving their cardiovascular and respiratory health.


What are the symptoms?

Well, now that we have already stated what the general problem is, we will talk about the symptoms.

Any adult at different times of the year needs to escape to a rural environment in which contact with nature and the environment is more direct. Well, the same thing happens to children, only that in most cases they do not know how to express it.

When this happens, it is usually related to the stress that daily life causes us in the city, and the resulting anxiety, irritability and lack of concentration that emerges as a result. Hunters, in fact, feel an absolute freedom in the field doing what we like most that make us forget about the fatigue of everyday life.

Other signs of this lack or lack of relationship with the natural environment can be hyperactivity, obesity -provoked by the sedentary lifestyle that we carry as a daily life due to our use of technologies- and lack of vitamin D.

What to do to avoid it?

Like everyone else, we want the best for our offspring. Therefore, for children to develop properly and have an iron health it is almost as important as food to separate them from new technologies and take them to the field with us.

There is nothing better than preaching by example so that a child can accompany you on a hunt. You must instill in them the love and respect for the fauna and flora, let them ask you questions, explore and experiment for themselves and ask for their help or advice when they need it.

Teach them from the most basic, such as identifying tracks or plants and let them be the ones that set the pace. Do not get impatient and be inculcating the hunting and tactical activity little by little.

First go out to practice modalities in which you will see a lot of wildlife and that are more dynamic, do not try to have the hours and hours waiting to see something. When they already have the bug inside there will be no one to stop them and they will be the ones who ask for those hours of disconnection that will benefit them so much.

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