WordPress Website Backup, Restore & Recover


We are living in a digital world and in this world we are totally depend on web. So, if you are a web designer on web developer and working on WordPress then it become very necessary to you that, you can easily create Backup, restore & recover your WordPress Website. So, here we are going to discuss that how to create WordPress website Backup, Restore & Recover it.

How To Backup Your WordPress Website

Before discussing how to backup your wordpress website i want to tell you that what is backup? So, Backup is a process through which you can save your WordPress website and in event of a problem, it means restoring things back to normal. This is a very important a it safeguards you from the possibility of losing your website.

There are so many ways to create backup of WordPress site. But with the help of WordPress plugin we can easily create a WordPress Backup. So, it is he best way.

WPBackitUp Backup Plugin

This is a wp Backup Plugin. With the help of this plugin you can protect your wp website to hackers, malware and even your own mistakes. With the help of this plugin you can create backup of every setting, post, comment, revision, plugin, theme, media file and upload with just a single click.

It generates a compressed backup of your entire website it’s not depend on your site length.

And backup can be easily downloaded right from your WordPress dashboard.

You can backup your WordPress website by following some steps.

Simply install WPBackItUp and within few minutes it create complete backup of your entire website.

  • There is no complex configuration to deal with this plugin.
  • There is no requirement of any advance knowledge of wordpress.
  • No need of FTP.
  • No need of cPanel
  • No need of MySQL knowledge.

With just a few clicks you will have a complete backup that safe your all valuable content.


We offer you the simplest way to backup and restore your WordPress blog. We are available 24/7 hours so in case of any queries feel free to contact to our wordpress customer service, dial + 1 844 897 0441(Toll-Free).


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