5 Secret Techniques To Improve Pie Boxes

Bakery packaging boxes are an essential part of product management. When you have your cakes and pies just ready to be served, you want a lasting and positive impression on the buyers to give them good experience thus maintaining your bakery business. Just delivering the pies and cakes without any damage is not the sole purpose of using these pie boxes, these boxes play an equal part in giving recognition to your brand and taking the business to next level with just improved packaging. Most of the time, these pie boxes let you deliver the pies that you have made with great effort, as fresh as they are baked.

5 Secret Techniques To Improve Pie Boxes

We live in a culture where most of the joyous events are celebrated through bakery products. On top of that, if those products are well packaged, it makes the event more entertaining. None of our events are completed without cake and pie boxes from our favorite bakeries.


Usually, these boxes are so attractive and natural looking that makes us feel that the cake inside is fresh and delicious. We all agree that without beautiful and fresh packing, bakery items lose their freshness and flavor. Not only it makes us feel not so good about the box, but also the item might go bad if kept in unprotected boxes for long. So, it is quite true that the perfect pie comes in perfect boxes.


Whether you are a professional baker or you have a start-up business, custom pie boxes add to the value of your customer dealing and business sales. A customized, delicate and decent pie box will definitely help you in making a genuine and stylish appearance. These boxes protect your masterpiece and make it un-damageable until it reaches the customer.

We all know the fact that packaging boxes are made up of fine quality materials that shows how much you care about the health of your customer thus maintaining your customer relationship.


Since custom pie boxes are so much important for your business sales, how can you enhance these boxes? Here are five secret techniques to improve pie boxes thus increasing the sales:


  1. Using Colors


The more different and unique the pie box is, the more it will stand out among the rest of the same kind. And to make it unique and creative, you can add colors to it. Not only colors but the prints that come with colors can enhance the looks of the box. You can use your signature color as the identity of the company or you can enhance your business through it.


When you use the same color for everything that is related to your company including the pie boxes then wherever the boxes, they act as a marketing agent for your company. It becomes representative of your company and through it, more people will get to know about your business.


  1. Choose The Right Material


Improve the quality of your pie boxes by using the right material. Poor material packaging can lead to a ruined product that might damage your relationship with your customer. When it is about packing bakery products, the material they are packed into matters the most.


Bakery products like pies, cakes, donuts, cookies, and others are those sensitive items that need special care when they are sent to the customer. Any negligence might end up ruining your customer’s experience. The material used in the bakery boxes of these items should be unhygienic and should not destroy or affect the product in any way.


Always go for sustainable packaging materials such as natural Brown Kraft and cardboard that are among the most appropriate materials to accommodate many different pies, cakes, doughnuts, and other baked goods. There is nothing worse than making delicious bakery items and not being able to deliver them safely to the customer.


  1. Is Your Box Durable?


What makes you like a box so much that it reminds you if your experience with that box? Clearly, it is color, style and the fact that you are using it even now. The boxes with durability make you already like them so much that you end up talking about that to other people. So, while buying the pie boxes, keep in mind that your pies and cakes are delicate and very sensitive, so the boxes must be able to protect those items from any damage.


For that, you need to have durable packaging. If your bakery items will be shipped to somewhere distant, make sure that box packaging is enough durable for shipment. It will cost you more energy, time, inventory and sales if your bakery goods arrive damaged. Bakery Box packaging that protects the bakery items, gives a good brand image and increases sales of bakery items.


  1. LOGO Does The Best Work


You want people to know you? Why not put a logo on the boxes you are delivering to distant places? When you have your logo printed on the box, you will be recognized easily and some might suggest your company to other friends. Once a customer is satisfied and happy with your service, he will always remember your logo.


By sending the custom boxes with logo, you are actually making them aware of your brand. Logos are the best way of making people know about you without making them buy your product. First, they will know and then they will come.


  1. The Funky And Entertaining Look


Why not make the box more entertaining to your customer? It’s really fun and tempting to use fancy ribbons and papers. But the same effect can be achieved with low budget materials. Creativity matters the most when you want to use the material in a different and better way. Think beyond the materials you have available at the packaging shop. Here is the list of materials that you can get on cheap rates and use wonderfully in your custom boxes:


  • Wallpaper
  • Aluminum foil
  • Wool
  • Butcher paper
  • Old hiking maps
  • Twine


And many more. Pinterest has a treasure trove of such ideas for you. Grab some ideas, work on them and see the results.

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