5 Secrets of Renting an Ideal Self-Storage Unit

In the US, most people rely on self-storage units to secure their precious belongings, in case they can’t accommodate them at home. It’s a unique culture that’s spreading to other parts of the world as well, but America is the leading consumer of self-storage solutions. 

It’s the smartest way of dealing with the shortage of space at your home. If you are living in an expensive city, and you can’t afford to invest in a costly apartment, you can secure some of your valuables in a self-storage unit. 

And the shortage of space is not the only reason people rent self-storage units. They rely on them for various reasons. For example, if someone is moving to a new city, they can keep their belongings in a self-storage unit until they rent a suitable apartment. Similarly, if you are a travel freak, and you want to invest most of your time exploring new destinations, you don’t need an expensive apartment. Instead, you can rent a self-storage unit, and keep all your valuables in it. It will not only help you save money, but your valuables will also get the safety and security they need. 

So if you are thinking of renting a self-storage unit for the first time, here are the ultimate secrets of booking a perfect unit. 

Stick to The Right Size 

Your unit has to be of the right size. Otherwise, you won’t be able to maximize your self-storage experience. The only way to book the perfect size unit is to have a broad idea of what you want to secure in it. The more items you have, the bigger a storage-unit you require for it. So make sure that you jot down all the things that you are thinking of keeping in it on a sheet of paper. 

Even after making the checklist, if you are unable to find out which size storage unit you require, you can ask your self-storage-solutions provider.

You can handover the list to one of their experts and ask them to help you choose the perfect unit. They will give you the information on different sizes and their capacity. Apart from that, they will also suggest a reliable one for you. 

Book Climate-Controlled Unit for Sensitive Items

Whether you know it or not, but you need a climate-controlled unit to store items that are sensitive to temperature. So, if most things on your list are climate-sensitive, make sure you rent a climate-controlled unit for them. It might cost you a little more, but you shouldn’t be bothered about it if it manages to keep your belongings safe. Talk about, furniture, electronics, artwork, antiques, clothes, household appliances, sports equipment, or collectibles, you need a climate-controlled unit for it. 

If you keep any of these items in a regular self-storage unit, chances are they will get damaged if you do not open your unit periodically. Temperature fluctuations will affect your valuables like anything. For example, if you have secured leather or wood furniture pieces in your storage unit, they will get damaged soon due to extreme temperatures. 

Think About Safety 

If you are planning to secure your precious possessions in your storage unit, make sure that you think twice about the safety features. The self-storage facility where you will have your unit stored must come with cutting-edge security features. It should have everything from password-protected entry and efficient lighting to highly experienced and skilled security guards. 

Consider the Condition of Storage Facility 

Apart from focusing on safety features, you should also consider the condition of the facility. It has to be well-maintained. Otherwise, your valuables won’t stay safe in it. For example, if it’s too old and it’s a perfect breeding ground for various types of insects, your valuables won’t stay safe in it. 

Quick Accessibility 

If you are renting a storage unit because of the shortage of space in your apartment, make sure that you have your unit stored in a nearby storage facility. Quick accessibility is utterly essential. What if you want to access something urgently, would you like the idea of traveling for an hour to get it? Perhaps, not. So make sure that you choose a storage facility that’s nearby your home. 

To summarise, if you want to rent a quality storage unit, make sure that you stick to the right size unit and facility close by your home. 

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