Buying Premium Cigars – 5 Best Options for New Cigar Smokers

Cigars are considered a more luxurious and classic choice over regular cigarettes. The reasons are many! Some of the premium cigars can deliver you an unforgettable experience , given you pick the right one. Today, we will learn about the best options for novice smokers to find a great cigar for them.

From Avo Classic cigars to Ashton cigars – there are so many fantastic choices to look over. So why not get started with our cigar buying guide!

Best Cigars for New Smokers


Talking about great cigars, Avo ranks among the most popular cigar brands worldwide. It’s created by pianist Avo Uvezian after he stepped into the cigar industry.

These are classic cigars with mild, creamy blends wrapped in Connecticut covers. Avo classic cigars are not the most complex sticks in the market, yet they give you an enjoyable, and soothing experience. Ideal for beginner searching for mild cigars. You can also buy Avo Cigars online to avail a better deal.


Known across the globe for their quality, Ashton cigars are one of the most acclaimed premium cigars out there. The Ashton Aged Maduro are luxurious cigars with the perfect experience for novices trying to open to a full-bodied session and wants to experiment with a good maduro. It’s a rich cigar with a dark, maduro wrapper leaf.

You get the best blend of spice, leather nuts, coffee flavors, and lime that guarantee an unforgettable experience.


If you are looking for a great cigar at a nominal cost and that can deliver a powerful punch – Rocky Patel Edge Lite is the option. These are brought by the boutique cigar manufacturer Rocky Edge, who has instantly gained popularity in the premium cigar world.

The Rocky Patel Edge Lite is a mid-to full-bodied cigar that offers an authentic, creamy flavor with a fantastic draw and burn.

The reasonable cost makes it a great option for the beginners.


Oliva is acclaimed for its full-bodied cigars with great flavors. The Serie G Maduro is one of the best cigars by the maker. It comes with a dark oily wrapper and an amazing blend of coffee and chocolate flavors along with a tinge of toasted nuts.

There are other types offered by the makers in the same series. Smokers who like Olivia but need something milder, the Connecticut Reserve is a light-to-medium bodied cigar that boasts delicious blend of butter and toasted almonds. These flavorful and aromatic add ons make it a somewhat milder smoke without feeling dull or ordinary.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know the five best cigars for beginners, it’s time to make the decision. Explore different types of premium cigars around you and pick the one that best fits your smoking expectations.

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