How To Dress for A Bohemian Themed Party

Bohemian is a dress style that originated during the 1960’s and 70’s. Characterised by free flowing fabrics, boho style is meant to reflect on yourself and nature, so many natural fabrics like cotton are used. This however doesn’t mean bland patterns and linen dresses, bohemian style also is nowadays characterised by loose and flowy clothing with nature references like flowers as patterns. It’s effortlessly stylish.

  1. Colours Are A Must

Bohemian style dressing is all about colours. Whether it’s a punchy shade of green or a light pastel pink, experimentation is key. The bohemian style is all about being effortlessly cool, so even if certain pieces may not match, it’s your attitude that will make the outfit.

This being said, don’t feel obligated to come drenched in colour if you don’t. Neutrals are still an amazing choice for a boho chic look, with white and beiges being the most popular shades. Add dimension to your outfit by layering different shades of neutrals or selecting different shades of patterns.

  1. Flowy and Loose Fabrics, No Tightness Allowed

Effortless and easy is what bohemian style encapsulates and this can be easily translated into flowy outfits. The lightness of loose fabrics embodies the lazy casualness of boho style, with layering providing extra dimension to a simple outfit. Don’t be worried if you’re attending a fancy event like a bohemian style wedding, loose and layered styles can also translate to stunning loose and elegant gowns.

Bohemian Themed Party

Check out A&N Luxe Labels range of boho dresses for an elegant array of evening dresses inspired by the bohemian style. Perfect for any wedding or formal invitation.

  1. Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

Bohemians know how to stand out from the crowd and be unique, so translate this into your clothing choices for a boho themed party. Florals are the obvious choice with the running themes of nature in bohemian styles these days. Printed or embroidered, both options will give that extra detail to make your outfit complete. For a more formal look choose floral patterns that have been shaped out of lace like A&N Luxe Label’s Ellarose Tulle Gown, which is a subtle boho addition to your gorgeous evening gowns.

  1. Layer your options

Wearing a boho costume doesn’t mean that all the pieces have to be boho items, layering will still allow you to achieve the look whether it be with a fringe jacket from ASOS or these strappy and earth toned Aurelle flats from SPURR. Boho is about mixing and matching your items to create a look effortless cool. Wear a plain white shift dress and instantly make it on theme with the fringe jacket, or tie your boho dress together with the strappy flats.

Layer dainty jewellery on top of your outfits to accessorise, or with complement a plain dress with an embroidered or fringed purse to infuse the boho look.

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