Food and well being Essay

The idea of food and well being is regarded as an important one. Families consume food without having the slightest idea of how it is produced or what effects meals may have on their health. The truth is that in the modern world, there are numerous stages the food has to come through from the time it has been produced in order to reach our cooking pots.


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The point is that too much food can indeed have impacts on the health and lives of the generation who have no clue about the real state of affairs. Using various articles, the idea of food and well being is often discussed in detail.

Power Steer is the title of the first article which was written by Michael Pollan. Power steer refers to the name of one of the steers that Michael decides to purchase from the Blair brothers. This article dwells on the beef production industry in the United States of America. Modern economics has forced most beef producers to consider using brand new ways of cattle production that were not used in the old days.

Cattle then were solely raised and fed with grass. However, nowadays cattle farmers who intend to meet the demands of the market have chosen to produce cattle reared on corn and other protein supplements. As a result, there appeared fattened beef cattle being raised within only 12-16 months.

Grass-fed cattle take 2-3 years to mature (Pollan 2). The idea for the market is doubling up on the numbers of cattle within a short period of time to feed the millions of people who depend on meat. The author, however, poses a question. Are we aware how the meat we buy in the supermarkets is produced?

Do we know the effects of eating corn bred cattle beef? Beef that has been bred on grass is healthier and safer for consumption as compared to corn bred beef which is sold on most of the supermarket shelves. Corn beef contains too much omega six fats which cause various diseases compared to grass bred cattle beef which has healthier omega three fats. The choice for eating beef depends entirely on us. We choose our well being by knowing what we eat.

Plenty is the title of the second article which was written by Alisa Smith and Mackinnon. Similar to the first article, it highlights the issue of food and how safe the food that we consume is (Smith and Mackinnon 1).The basic idea of this article as put forth by the writers is on the importance of eating locally produced food.


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The question set by them is how safe the food we cook is that usually travels thousands of miles to reach its consumers? While eating people are not only able to trace the production of the food but they can know how it is produced. Food and well being presuppose eating and knowing how it is produced.

There are food poems that touch on the theme of food. Their essence is focused on the happiness brought about by eating food. The first poem by William Carlos is about the joy the person experiences while eating plums (Kool). The second poem by Lucille highlights the process of preparing food in the pot (Kool). Levine’s poem is about a person who regards consumers as those who do not know what food they eat and how it is produced (Kool).

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