Guiding People In Knowing: Vaping Is Good Or Bad For People

In the modern world, a large number of people is switching to “Vaping”, with the aim of cutting down the intake of “Tobacco Smoking”. There is a lot of discussions being held in this regard, as to an alternative path being of any good value or not.  For this, one would like to clarify the reason for having this exchange of ideas and is mentioned below –

Firstly, Vaping is a method to cut down the harmful effects of natural smoking. Secondly, a large number of people is either smokers or Ex-smokers.

A renowned organization like Public health England believes that detailed form of knowledge about the ill-effects of Vaping is not known. In this sense, one just can’t equate it as good or bad. Plus, in my opinion, there is no reason for anyone to directly judge the usage of “Vaping Devices”.

Let us ponder a little bit more about “E-Cigarettes” and illuminate our minds for selecting the right path.

Vaping is good for Lungs or not:-

One just can’t deny from the fact that “Tobacco Cigarette” is like a bad magnet of diseases for the overall health of the person. It is being proved by the doctors that “Lungs” gets affected and later on disturbs the smooth breathing of the person. Diseases like – Lung cancer, heart Ailments, Esophageal Cancer, etc become an obstructive form of things and derail a person’s good health.  There are multiple forms of chemicals present in tobacco also popularly known as “carcinogens”. On smoking whether occasionally or on a daily basis, leaves small deadly particles in the smoker’s lungs. With the passage of time, even the tissue starts displaying signs of choking.

In contrast to this, Vaping does not cause any of these problems. I will be fair by saying that it is not been proved that the proportion of internal organs damage is similarly caused by “tobacco products”.  Vaping does not involve the procedure of combustion and so the absence of “Tar or Carbon Monoxide” gets accumulated is wiped out. There is a generation of smoke but in reality, that does not cause any serious form of damage.

Some part of the society might talk about the ingredients of vaping Devices – Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG). For this one would bring to every reader notice that research is being carried out and it revealed that inhaling of the ingredients has not forced to raise any warning signals. So, my personal recommendation is that just vape and don’t worry about any harmful impact.


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Will Vaping be bad for Oral health?

Through smoking of “Tobacco products,” a lot of dental problems are bound to take place and this has been proved by the researchers too. Some of them are – periodontal disease, gingival (gum) disorders, throat, and esophageal cancers. On top of this, bacteria in the mouth accelerate the existing form of periodontal problems into serious conditions.

Talking on this line, one can’t find any hard evidence on the side effects being caused by “Vaping”. In fact, news printed in the Journal of Oral Pathology & Medicine summarizing the state of the science, noting the “paucity of evidence.”

There are still a few things coming out of these study materials and is mentioned below –

1- Vapers might have an increased form of the sign of Nicotine Stomatitis. In simple terms, this is a condition and is the result of heat, which further creates lesions in the mouth.

2- A study was conducted to examine the Oral Microbiome and few vapers, tobacco smokers and non -vaper/smokers were taken as subjects.  In this, the researchers found that although the bacterial profile of the Vapers and Non-vapers was a lot similar. Having said this, it was quite different from the “Tobacco Smokers”.  In this, the overall size of the group was quite small and so a water-tight form of the report could not be generated.


Through this blog, the readers will understand that although a solid form of the result is not being generated, still the concept of “Vaping Devices” just can’t be categorized as bad. Well, I will just say that as long as nothing is proved in a harmful manner, one could switch to Vaping without any fear circling over the head.


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