How can you get the better Alexa Rank as soon as Quickly?

If you’re running a website or if it’s a niche block, then you must know what Alexa is. Many webmasters give more important to the Alexa Rank, after Google Page Rank. You won’t believe that many of them judge your website/ blog by just seeing your Alexa Rank, nothing more, even they know Alexa better than Google PR. Alexa rank can also give you advertising offers, as many advertisers decide to put an ad on your website/blog by just checking your Alexa Rank. They think, if your Alexa rank is good then all are OK, means your visitors, page views, impression, etc. In real, Alexa Ranking is just rubbish and it doesn’t deal with your actual visitors or page views. But looking at its demand a webmaster needs to know what is Alexa Ranking and how to get better Ranking in Alexa.

First of all, we need to know what Alexa is. It’s a subsidiary of, which defines itself as a web information company. They usually rank every website/blog based and update it on a daily basis. as we have shown: raven SEO tools

After it, you should ask, how they measure rankings. As we said, Alexa is just rubbish that judges your web site’s traffic in an unfair way. How to fool! They only record those hits which pass through their system that means either you need to put an Alexa widget/Plugin on your website/blog or your visitors have to Install Alexa Toolbar on their browser. It’s found that generally, niche blog or technology blog got better Alexa ranking as compared to other blogs. Anyways there is nothing wrong if you try to increase your Alexa ranking. Now the time for tips;

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Tips to increase your Alexa Ranking:

1. Alexa Toolbar: If you want to increase your Alexa ranking then you should Install Alexa Toolbar on your browser, even you also ask your friends, relatives, visitors to install the toolbar on their browser.

2. Claim your site on After claiming your website on Alexa you will have full control over your site on Alexa. It will let others know who is the owner of the site and also helps you to increase in ranking.

3. Install Alexa plugin/widget on your site: It’s needed because Alexa only counts those hits which pass through their system.

4. Try to gather techy traffics: This tip is actually beneficially. If you’re able to gather decent traffics of techies and bloggers then they will discuss your site with others and your network will increase. In another way, most of the bloggers and techies will be installing the Alexa widget or toolbar on their browsers. So you can fulfill your target.

5. Link back to Alexa: Try to write a review about Alexa ranking and also give a link back to it.

6. Increase reviews your site in Alexa: If you have a decent amount of regular visitors then you ask them to review your blog on and you also do the same.

7. Give Comments & Get LinkBack: Try to give comments on other niche and technology blogs with a link to your site, which can make popular you and your blog too. Even it can increase your reputation on

8. Blog regularly: Try to update your blog regularly, which is very crucial for both Alexa ranking and even increase your actual visitors too.

9. Quality Articles: It’s important to write a quality post in your blog, which can automatically increase your backlinks and traffics that help you to get better traffic.

10. Take the help of Social Networking Sites: You should share your articles on all social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, dig, stumble upon, etc. These sites are not only helping you to increase your Alexa rank but also bring massive traffic to your blog.

Finally frankly and honestly saying, I don’t care about Alexa and Alexa rankings as they have nothing to do with your actual blog traffic, even they couldn’t know your traffic at all. Recommended for you: Vampire Names Ideas

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