How to Match Your Electric Bike to Your Lifestyle

With recent improvements in batteries and bicycle weight, electric bikes are surging in popularity, both in the U.S. and abroad. Designers have fashioned bikes for many different lifestyles, including electric bikes for seniors. Whether you are interested in e-bikes for economic, environmental or exercise factors, you can enjoy the thrill of riding a bike again without having to belong to a racing team or have calves the size of watermelons. Here are some tips for finding the e-bike that fits your lifestyle.

How Will You Use Your E-Bike?

Consider how you want to use your bike. Are you hoping to increase your exercise time or do you want it for running errands around town on weekends? Electric bikes offer both pedal-free and pedal-assisted travel for a range of uses, including these:

  • Commuting and long distances
  • Shopping and errands
  • Exercise and getting fit

You can certainly get a workout on an e-bike by using your own power and perhaps using pedal-assist only on inclines. Or you can move along in the slow lane with the throttle wide open and let the battery do the work. You’ll go further and get there a little faster by pedaling and using pedal-assist at the same time. Electric bikes for seniors and others can be fitted with baskets for shopping or carrying items back and forth to work.

Where Are You Going?

Where do you want to ride and what conditions are you likely to encounter? If you’re commuting around the city, you’ll have roadways to ride on, but are there hills to consider, or gravel? Trails and beach riding on the boardwalk are also options that e-bikes can tackle. The best electric beach cruiser with fat tires makes the going easy when the terrain changes. If you’re traveling long distances, comfort is also a factor in choosing an e-bike, so look for comfort points such as an adjustable seat and handlebar height and full seats.

When Will You Use it?

If you plan to commute during the winter, you need to be able to power through snow and ice on the streets. E-bikes come with options for powerful motors of between 250 watts and 500 watts to help you motor along at speeds of up to 28 mph. They deliver plenty of support for you on snow-covered streets. Look for one with either all-terrain tires for snow and ice, or a mud tire for slushy commutes.

How Old Are You?

Age matters when considering electric bikes for seniors. As your transportation options narrow, an e-bike can help you maintain independence. Visiting friends, running errands and staying active also enables you to maintain a good quality of life; pedaling provides low-impact exercise, which is essential in remaining healthy.

Enjoy Life More on an E-Bike

There’s no denying that e-bikes are surging in popularity in the U.S. and abroad, providing an excellent alternative to both walking and driving. They open the door to more possibilities for enjoying life and are affordable too. Whether you use one to commute, get some exercise, save money on gas or be more eco-friendly, there’s one to fit your lifestyle.

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