Tips to be a Gentleman at Social Gatherings

Do you often get invited to parties and love attending them but do not know how to conduct yourself? We have listed a few tips which will help you groom into a gentleman at parties.

Gentleman at Social Gatherings

Do Prior Homework:

Whenever you are invited to a party, do check the invitation thoroughly if it needs to be acknowledged, if you are allowed to bring a guest, what kind of party it is, etc. If it is an engagement party, you will need to conduct yourself differently than attending a divorce party and you will bring a different gift as well hence do a little research.

Dress Appropriately:

Every occasion has a certain dress code which you need to stick too. If you are invited to a party, the host may not specifically mention what to wear but you need to understand the party’s intent and dress accordingly. Dress neatly but do not overdo it, for e.g.; do not wear a suit to a barbeque party, stick to a nice polo shirt and trouser. Know if it is an outdoor or indoor party if outdoor, is the weather cold or hot, is it a day party or a night party, is there a party theme, etc. Choose your outfit after considering these factors. Dress your best but be comfortable as well because it is a party and you are there to have fun.

Don’t Show Up Empty-Handed:

A gentleman never shows up at a party empty-handed. Bringing a gift to the party does not mean that you need to spend an extravagant amount of money to buy an expensive gift, just a simple bottle of wine is good enough. Turning up at a party with a small token speaks high of your values and character hence next time you are invited to a party, do not show empty-handed.

Meet the Host:

The first rule of a party any gentleman needs to follow is to meet the host of the party cordially, present the gift you have bought and, thank them for inviting you to the party. Any party host will love this little chit-chat as they must have put up a lot of effort to arrange this party for the guests.

Mingle with the Other Guests:

Make it a point to meet all the other guests and initiate a conversation with everyone rather than just being by yourself or with your partner and enjoying the party in a corner without mingling. This is a social event and a great place to make new friends and leave a lasting impression. Grab the opportunity to have fun with all the guests rather than being a loner.

Do Not Make Other Guests Uncomfortable:

One of the biggest mistakes you can commit is to make the other guests uncomfortable by getting wasted. People will always remember you as the guy who got wasted at that party. A gentleman knows his limits and only drinks until he can handle it.

Another mistake many men make is to hit on female guests at the party. Initiating a nice conversation is not wrong but being cheesy even after she seems uninterested is not acceptable. Understand if she is disinterested, if yes, move on.

Many people smoke at a party and in general, the host does not object it but smoking openly in a party is not what a gentleman does as it makes a few others uncomfortable. Go out in the porch to take a smoke if you really are addicted. Smoking is not considered classy and gentlemen do not smoke as they are health conscious Switching to vaping is a good option as it does not harm your health as much as smoking does. If you wish to be a gentleman, switch to the safest e-liquid brand for vaping which will help you with your smoking addiction and also not make others around you passive smokers.

Exit with Grace and Gratitude:

Do not forget to meet everyone and say goodbye before you leave. Also, do thank the host for arranging such a lovely party. Doing so will make sure that people remember you as a gracious gentleman.

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